The Striking Tree (Hard) [Ramuh]

Phase 1:
  • Lightning AoEs that aren’t placed on players will leave an orb.  These can be ignored until phase 2.
  • Chaotic Strike – an attack that will freeze the player and is prefaced by a target mark.  If you see someone frozen and you’ve been targeted with a lightning AoE, then you can break them out with the AoE.
  • If you stand right next to Ramuh, even if you don’t get broken out by another player, his personal AoE will knock the Chaotic Strike status off anyway.
  • Focus all damage on the adds when they spawn to avoid being killed by Ramuh’s ultimate.

Phase 2:
  • Players affected by Rolling Thunder, which is a tether mechanic, should grab 3 orbs to break the tether.  Only one person needs 3 orbs.  If both players attempt to gather orbs then the orbs might run out before either person has collected 3.
  • Don’t take orbs unless you have to.
  • Kill the final add that spawns ASAP.