The Singularity Reactor

Phase 1:
  • Avoid being terror’d by Dragon’s Gaze by looking away before the cast finishes, turning back once you ‘miss’ the attack.
  • When 2-4 small pylons spawn, have at least one person stand in each of them until they vanish to avoid a mass paralyze. This happens again in phase 2.

Phase 2 (25% HP):
  • The faster everything dies = less damage dealt by ultimate.
  • Some adds will spawn before he casts his ultimate.  The last two are just like the first boss in Vault; if they are both tanked by one tank, it is wise to use big cooldowns as they will do the big bash attack simultaneously--resulting in big damage.  The move should have a cast timer, so pop them at that time.
  • The most notable AOE is a small black-and-red circle that expands several times before activating.
  • Kill the meteor adds before they can hurt the party, with the center one being a certain wipe.
  • After the ultimate, just burn the boss down.