The Limitless Blue (Hard) [Bismarck]

Phase 1 (Chitin Intact):
  • Kill the adds while avoiding AoEs.  The adds have a knockback attack, so tanks should face them towards the center.
  • Use the Magitek Field Generator when Bismarck does his dive animation, as he will slam into the platform shortly thereafter.
  • Activate the Dragon Killers when they become available.  This will pull Bismark in and allow players to jump onto his back to destroy his Chitin.  This should not take more than two cycles.

Phase 2 (Chitin Destroyed):
  • Avoid tornadoes and AoEs.
  • Kill Vapor Bubbles immediately ONLY if the weather is NOT lightning.  The second set of lightning is absorbed by the bubbles and killing them during this phase will do more harm than good.
  • Kill the big serpents that spawn.  Keep them separated and faced away from the group.  One tank to the left and one to the right.
  • Once the serpents are down, more adds will spawn.  Kill them before using the Dragon Killers, or have them die as the Dragon Killers are pulling Bismark in.
  • Jump on Bismarck’s back after using the Dragon Killers, just like in Phase 1.  It may take two or three cycles to kill him.