The Bowl of Embers [Ifrit]

Phase 1 (100-75%):
  • There are no special mechanics to this phase.  Only the tank should stand in front of Ifrit due to a few frontal attacks.
Phase 2 (75-50%):
  • Ifrit will start placing AoEs around party members that will explode after a few seconds.  Run out of these immediately.
Phase 3 (50-25%):
  • DPS should kill the Inferno Nail ASAP.  Use LB on it if you need to.
  • Hell Fire – massive AoE damage to the entire party if the Inferno Nail is not destroyed in time.  More than likely a wipe.
Phase 4 (25-0%):
  • This is basically Phase 2 with even more AoEs.  Again, run out of these immediately.