Battle in the Big Keep [Gilgamesh]

Phase 1:
  • Focus attacks only on Enkidu, as he will heal Gilgamesh (both should still be tanked as normal).
  • When you’re turned into a chicken, jump into the whirlwinds to prevent them doing large raid-wide damage (you’ll receive a small amount).
  • When you’re Minimised, move close to the person you’re tethered to to remove the debuff.
  • A targeted player should move away from other party members, as they will receive a hard-hitting AoE (Missile).

Phase 2:
  • A lot of Gilgamesh’s moves are signalled by his text speech, or by running to the middle, where he will usually perform a variety of unique AoEs which can be easily dodged.
  • He will sometimes cast Enchain on a player (almost always a healer) which will Fetters and Bleed the player. They can be released by defeating the targetable chain. The chain will also gain defence buffs if Gilgamesh is close to the chain (Vulnerability Down stacks).
  • After the chain is destroyed (or the chained player dies), he will use Sword Dance on the tank, which will deal 6 hits of around 1500-2000 damage each.
  • Four adds will sometimes spawn (Dragon’s Head). They will leave AoEs as they move around, and can generally be ignored, however each add that is defeated won’t be able to leave behind any AoEs. Four adds will always spawn even if one or more was already defeated.
  • After a circuit, the dragon head adds do an AoE signature move which increases in damage for the amount of heads left.  4 heads will usually kill non-tanks who aren’t topped off or mitigated.