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Alexander (A4) – The Burden of the Father

General Information:
  • The fight is mostly about spreading out; the majority of the fight is splash damage.  Do not stack with other players, especially healers, or you can and will wipe the raid.
  • Take time to talk strategy before the fight.  This raid can be easily wiped if just one party member is unsure on what to do.  Don't make assumptions that other players will do as you expect without discussing beforehand.
  • Assign players to adds, orbs, and discuss who will stand where.  The general rule is to place waymarks in the following locations: A to the left of the left foreleg, B where the party spawns, and C to the right of the right foreleg.

Phase 1:
  • Decide which foreleg to attack as a party, and ignore the other until Phase 2 (except for the tanks - see below). Positional attacks do not matter on the forelegs, so it's easier to stay spread out from each other.
  • Either tank should also maintain maximum enmity on the other foreleg.  This is due to a random AoE tank buster going out periodically to the top enmity holder.
  • A random player will be targeted with a blue marker over their head, with which yellow orbs will start to spawn and draw towards the marked player.  These orbs will spawn in three sets of two.  These can spawn on either side.
  • Assigned party members (usually tanks or healers) must deal with the yellow orbs by running through them.  They must also be aware of the high damage (around 5,000) received from each orb.
  • Perpetual Ray - will periodically go out to random party members after the boss uses Discoid (which is not visible since he cannot be targeted) for around 5,000 damage.  This can be predicted by looking at the "eye" of The Manipulator, as it is visibly "charging up".
  • If Perpetual Ray kills any party member, the boss receives a permanent Damage Up stack.  It also usually comes when orbs are being dealt with, so don't take too many orbs until you are safely healed.
  • A foreleg becomes stunnable when it starts to release steam, which will reduce the amount of damage dealt by Perpetual Ray.
  • The off-tank and one random DPS will periodically be Quarantined, where they will be sucked through a pipe into a small room. Kill the doll add to be released back into the fight.
  • (Note: the chosen quarantined party members can change as the party dies, especially the off-tank).  If you take too long to kill the add, it will enrage, killing the two party members in the quarantine room.
  • The Manipulator becomes targetable after you destroy a foreleg.  Ensure you take the chance to Focus Target (as you won't get another chance until the last phase), and deal as much damage as possible.  Note also that any melee's positional attacks now matter on the boss.
  • The boss will cast Mortal Revolution for raid-wide damage shortly after becoming targetable, which he will also then become untargetable.  This marks the beginning of Phase 2.

Phase 2:
  • The boss retains all moves from Phase 1, however orbs no longer appear.  Instead, a random player will now be periodically marked with three "sniper" tethers (Carnage).  A non-tank should have at least two of the tethers removed, which can be done by other party members simply intercepting the tether.  The tethered player should stop moving once they are marked, as the tethers will follow them and complicate the interception.
  • Three doll adds will spawn periodically.  DPS should already be assigned to which add they deal with, and each add should be quickly defeated.  All available DPS should participate in killing the dolls at all times.
  • Tanks can also help out by DPSing, provoking loose adds, or provoking from a DPS who is taking too long to kill theirs.  The adds themselves generate a small AoE which places stacks of Luminous Aetheroplasm on anyone caught
  • 4 stacks of Luminous Aetheroplasm on any player will kill them, as well as any other party member close to that player.  The general rule is that a ranged player will cover B, while melees cover A and C, and the remaining player covers whoever is quarantined.
  • Upon destroying the second leg, The Manipulator will once again become targetable, giving some time to DPS before Mortal Revolution is cast once again.  This marks the beginning of Phase 3.

Phase 3:
  • Note: At the beginning of this phase, healers should already be assigned to either the east or west.  They should also stay in their respective vicinity and away from other party members.  See below for more information.
  • Adds no longer spawn and Emergency Quarantine is no longer used in this phase.  Instead, the boss will now use Carnage Zero, which will target multiple random party members with a splash damage AoE - being spread out here is essential.
  • Judgement Nisi - will place 5 stacks of a unique DoT on each healer, which ticks down to zero stacks over time.  The more stacks, the more damage this DoT deals.  This effect can also be passed to other players by moving into close range. When it is passed, the player who receives the effect retains the maximum of 5 stacks, complicating things greatly for healers and often causing a wipe. If any player is afflicted with both DoTs, they die. Do not stack with healers.
  • Discoid will no longer target random party members with Perpetual Ray, however will damage the main tank 3 times consecutively, and then increment in hits each time it is cast (e.g. first hit is 3 times, second hit is 4 times, so on).  It will also increase in damage each time.  The main tank should always ensure an available cooldown is active for the damage received.