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Alexander (A3) – The Arm of the Father

General Information:
  • Don't step into (or get pushed into) the "pool" outside the circular edge; This will cause a potent paralysis, a ticking DoT, and around 3,000 damage.

Phase 1 (Humanoid):
  • Living Liquid should be faced away from the party due to a cleave attack.
  • Splash - a raid-wide AoE that deals around 1,300 damage per hit.
  • Protean Wave - is a unique raid-wide "pizza-slice" AoE which also knocks back when hit.  Targets 4 party members with the "pizza-slice" AoE.
  • Sluice - marks 4 random party members with a blue marker.  These party members will receive invisible AoE damage for around 3,500 damage, while another 4 random party members will have a visible AoE placed underneath them. Spread out when this is casting.

Phase 2 (Hand):
  • Fluid Swing - a cleave attack in which the damage dealt is shared between party members that are hit.  Damage can be split between as many party members as necessary.  The animation is a visible "slap".  This should be shared in the middle of the room.
  • Wash Away - will push all party members in a random direction and deal around 1,200 damage.  Tank (and other relevant party members) should retreat back to the middle if pushed away, to safely share next Fluid Swing hit.
  • Will split into two smaller "hands"; the original, plus the Liquid Limb.  DPS should focus on Living Liquid.  They should be tanked apart, faced away from each other, and faced away from the rest of the party.  This is due to their stacking Blunt Resistance Down effect now being dealt from Fluid Swing.

Phase 3 (Waterspout):
  • The "water" in the middle will deal a potent ticking DoT damage when stepped on.
  • Adds (Gear Lubricant and the larger Piston Lubricant) will spawn near the middle and attempt to reach the edge, where they will explode and cause Vulnerability Up stacks on all party members.  The adds can be stunned and heavied to facilitate success.
  • Piston Lubricants will cast Musilage which will allow them to charge to the edge.
  • Adds will explode when killed for around 400 raid-wide damage (Oil Blast).
  • A random orange tether will go out to a random party member (Drainage); this should be intercepted by a tank.  It will explode and cause around 10-13k damage in a small AoE.
  • Ferrofluid - the boss will begin to cast this midway through the phase, and periodically for the rest of the raid.  Positive (+) and Negative (-) charges will randomly tether between players; identical charges will push the tethered players away from each other, while opposite charges will attract them together.  If the attracted players touch, they both receive the Atrophy debuff (30% attribute loss).  Remember: opposites attract!
  • Phase 2 and 3 will repeat until the Living Liquid is pushed to around 50% HP.

Phase 4 (Humanoid):
  • Retains all moves from Phase 1, but a Blunt Resistance Down debuff is now applied to the cleave attack.
  • Cascade - A raid-wide AoE that deals around 6-7k damage.
  • Tanks should tank-swap after around 4-5 stacks of Blunt Resistance Down.
  • Three pools of water sit around the area. They deal a ticking DoT damage when stepped on.