Alexander (A2) – The Cuff of the Father

Rather than phases of a boss, Cuff is a gauntlet consisting of multiple waves of enemies.

  • Hardmind/Hardhelm - will buff other enemies with Physical/Magical resistance up (Physical for Helm, Magical for Mind), and should be stunned by allied Gobwalker or simply tanked apart from the mob. They will also debuff their targets with Healing Down (heals will be considerably less on this party member).
  • Boomtype Magitek Gobwalker - will place Vulnerability Up stacks on their target. They can be recharged from for 150EP when they are below 15% HP. They will also tick a potent suicidal DoT after 15%, so they cannot be continuously recharged from; also meaning you can stop DPS completely after 15%.
  • Jagd Doll - will deal considerable autohit damage and cleaves. They will also periodically perform a hard-hitting AoE; these dolls should be the priority after Boomtype and Hard-types.
  • Magitek Gobwidow G-IX - will deal moderate damage including AoEs. Can be almost entirely ignored by DPS and left til the end until other enemies are defeated.
  • Gordian Soldier/Sniper - these are the grunts. Will deal lots of low hits. Can be stunned by allied Gobwalker, and should be quickly AoEd down after dealing with priorities due to their low HP.

The player who takes the allied Gobwalker should also deal with:

  • Recurring Bombs which are fired into the raid. The explosions will deal moderate damage, and afflict party members with Fire Vulnerability Down (up to two stacks).
  • Vulnerability Up stacks on enemies.
  • Stun packs of enemies, especially the Hardmind/Helm (unless they are tanked apart).

For the player who goes into the Gobwalker, prioritising damage should be the DPS with the lowest gear, or following this order:

  1. MNK
  2. DRG
  3. NIN
  4. MCH/BRD
  5. BLM
  6. SMN