Alexander (A1) – The Fist of the Father

  • This is a simple DPS check, and only Faust should be focused.
  • Doll adds that spawn should be tanked away from the group, as they cleave and potentially interrupt casts.
  • The dolls spawn continuously throughout the fight and will generally go straight for healers.


Phase 1:
  • Resin Bomb - drops AoEs on 4 random party members.
  • Hydrothermal Missile - places Prey on 1 random party member (which will drop 6 missiles on that player dealing moderate damage per hit).
  • Emergency Deployment - will spawn two adds (Alarum) at each flank of the boss, and whoever attacks them first will be tethered to it and become the permanent tank for that add. The add also places stacks continuously on whoever is tanking it (not necessarily tethered), which if it reaches 6 stacks, will cause Mini on that player.
  • When an Alarum add is killed, it will drop a purple puddle, which will cause Mini when touched by a player.  The puddle disappears after about 15 seconds.
Phase 2:
  • Phase 2 retains all mechanics from Phase 1 including adds and Prey (which will now be on 2 party members).
  • An alarm sounds, spawning a second boss (Oppressor 0.5). It should be tanked at opposite ends of the room from the original boss.
  • If the bosses are too close then they will tether and gain Damage Up stacks.
  • The 0.5 retains effects of the original boss including HP and enmity, so will need to be provoked immediately by the offtank.
  • Two ground-to-ceiling lasers will also spawn (3000-Onze Missile), with which a large missile will follow downwards.
  • An Alarum's puddle must be spawned underneath these lasers by a DPS to Mini the missile before it reaches the floor, or it will cause large raid-wide damage and Damage Down debuffs on each party member. Tanks should move their boss if the laser spawns on top of it, so that the DPS dealing with mechanics do not take a cleave.
  • Both bosses will "jump" and become untargetable shortly after laser/missile mechanics are dealt with.  Two markers will spawn showing where they will land with AoE "waves" going outward; the further away from these markers, the less damage you will take (Quick Landing).
  • When one of the bosses are killed, the other begins to enrage (Self-Destruct).  Both bosses should be killed within 10 seconds of each other to ensure success.  Utilise Limit Break if necessary.