The Wanderer's Palace

Keeper of Halidon:
  • Frontal conic attack, so only the tank should be in front of the boss.
  • Moldy Phlegm – a large AoE that deals a good chunk of damage and inflicts a debuff that healers should dispel.

 Giant Bavarois:
  • Will periodically spawn adds.  The blue add is a healer.
  • Healer should be ready to dispel Heavy and Paralysis inflicted by the purple and white adds.
  • Amorphic Flail – a non-tank player will be targeted at random.  The boss will chase the player, cast Fire once, and then use an instant-cast frontal cone attack.  Everyone else should stay away from this player and the boss to avoid getting caught in the attack.

 Tonberry King:
  • Kill Tonberry adds as they spawn.  When they die they give the Tonberry King a stack of Rancor.
  • When the Tonberry King has 3 stacks of Rancor, stop attacking until he uses Everybody’s Grudge.  If DPS is high enough then you can burn the boss down and ignore the mechanics.
  • Do not get close to or attack the bigger Tonberry Slasher adds.