The Vault

Ser Adelphel Brightblade:
  • Avoid the orbs of light that he leaves behind because they will explode.
  • If you are targeted then run away from the group.

 Ser Grinnaux The Bull:
  • The boss will target random players for an AoE that leave behind an Aetherial Tear.  He will repeat this attack shortly after the first.
  • Try to keep the Tears near each other and don’t touch them.
  • The boss has a knockback attack, so make sure you are in a position where you can’t get knocked into one of the Tears.

 Ser Charibert:
  • If you are chained to another player then run in opposite directions to break the chain.
  • Watch out for the marching knight adds because they will apply either Slow or Bleed depending on their color.  Both are bad, but Slow is worse for this fight.
  • When the Dawn Knight and Dusk Knight adds spawn, they will summon Holy Flames around the room.  Quickly kill the Holy Flames.