The Sunken Temple of Qarn

General Information:
  • The Scales of Judgement: Flame of Magic on the left and Fruit of Knowledge on the right for three extra chests.  Skipping the siderooms with the Flame and Fruit tablets saves a bit of time, you can just use the 2 other tablets (the Scales of Judgement will spawn some extra enemies).
  • Qarn Facers: Kill this for bonus loot.  Will run away mid-fight.
  • ALWAYS kill the bee adds first.  If left alive for too long they will perform Final Sting, dealing a flat ~80% of the target’s maximum HP (interruptible).
  • Avoirdupois: Kill on top of the pressure plates.  You will know it’s on the plate if it stops glowing.
  • Temple Crocs: Rear cone attack.  DPS beware.  Bait out the rear cone attack to reduce their damage output.

  • Kill the bees.  They will always spawn in the same location.
  • When you see the red circle quickly expand and fill the room, run to the glowing platform to remove Doom.  This mechanic begins once the Terotaur’s HP reaches a certain percent.
  • Always double check to make sure the Doom debuff was actually removed.  You may have to run to a different platform to remove it.
  • After Doom has been removed and the bees have been killed, DPS should go ahead and use their LB.

Temple Guardian:
  • Kill Golem Soulstone and then damage the boss.  Repeat.
  • After the Golem Soulstone respawns, the boss will randomly attack a group member.  There is nothing you can do about this.
  • Don’t spread out too much to help with AoE healing.

The Adjudicator:
  • Interrupt or dispel Paralyze.
  • Kill Sun Juror on square platforms.
  • Quickly kill Mythril Verge.  One DPS should quickly enter the black square to kill this.
  • Avoid lasers.
  • DPS should LB during the Sun Juror spawn phase to save time.