The Stone Vigil (Hard)

General Information:

  • Haranguing Harriers will cast Dragon's Blood in an attempt to transform into a Jura Aevis (stunnable).
  • Aevis-type enemies will cast Strident Scream which will cause around 1000 damage in a large AoE (stunnable).


  • The boss periodically runs to a corner and casts Swinge, a non-visible front-conal AoE which deals high damage.
  • Small adds spawn throughout the fight. When they are killed, if in AoE range of the boss, will tether to it and give it Damage Up and Haste.

Cuca Fera:

  • There are 4 cannons which can be operated. Iron Kiss will deal 3,000 AoE damage to enemies, while Spindly Finger will also cause stun. The boss can be stunned with this an unlimited amount of times.
  • The boss also uses Hard Stomp, which should be stunned.
  • He will also use Diamondback, which makes him invulnerable and cause cannon shots to reflect back to the operator. This is also visibly predicted when he glows red and starts to spin.
  • If all friendly NPCs die, the boss will enrage (non-stunnable Hard Stomp).


  • This boss cannot be tanked.
  • It will do various AoE attacks which can only be predicted from its animation and direction; when it pulls its arm back, it will do a frontal cleave. When it stands up and clasps its claws together, it will shoot a fireball AoE at a player. When its tail goes up into the air, it will do a rear cleave. The safest place to stand is generally on the flank.
  • Each time a party member is damaged by an attack, they also receive the Infirmity debuff, which reduces the effect of healing spells cast on them.
  • Around a minute into the fight, a clone of the boss will spawn with full hp.