Sohm Al

General Information:
  • Pollen Cluster adds will explode if touched.  Range them down as you go along to avoid any accidents.

  • Technically, you should kill the Hornets before they reach the boss.  However, they may be ignored as long as the party isn't under-geared.
  • Spit – room-wide AoE that must be healed through.

  • Focus down the big green add as soon as it spawns.
  • Blue arrow: run away from player.  The blue marker does more damage when it hits more people.
  • Red arrow: stack on player.  If you stack when the red marker is above your head it splits the damage.

  • The tank should face the boss away from the party to avoid a frontal attack.
  • Comet – the boss will mark two players and spawn random AoEs around the room that need to be avoided.  After the marks fade, comets will fall where the two players were standing.  Move as far away from these spots as possible.
  • Becomes invincible at ~45%.  DPS Tioman’s wings, one at a time, to escape this phase.
  • Heavensfall – marks a player and spawns AoEs around that player.  This player should move away from the rest of the party.