General Information:
  • Chary Harrier will use Dragon Blood in an attempt to transform into another dragon add.  Stun this and kill it before it succeeds (it will use Dragon Blood repeatedly after a stun).
  • Frozen winds will cause a small DoT effect when you run through them (when they get strong and translucent).

  • An add exploding will cause a Frozen stack to the party.  Kill adds before this happens.
  • Snow Drift – will cause a freeze stack if you’re not moving (or attacking) when it hits.
  • The outside of the room will become frozen midway, leaving a smaller circle for the party to fight in.
  • 4 stacks of Freeze will cause you to become frozen.

  • Tank should point the boss’s large conal AoE at the Spriggans.  They are turned into snowballs (and can be made into bigger snowballs with each AoE up to another 2 times).
  • Snowballs can be physically attacked to deal damage, or to stun the boss (stun Northerlies).
  • DPS the larger adds before they kill the Spriggans.

  • 3 ice crystals fall down periodically. Move away from them, as they drop circular and linear AoEs.
  • He will use Lunar Cry every other time ice crystals fall down and point AoEs; in this instance, dodge the crystal AoEs, and stand behind the remaining crystal.
  • If you are damaged by Lunar Cry, you receive Vulnerability Down, and Fenrir will deal massive damage, potentially killing you.