Saint Mocianne's Arboretum

Rose Garden:
  • Vine Probe - a heavy hitting tank buster.  The boss will first "probe" the tank with one of its tentacles and then slam its tentacles down on the tank.  There is no cast bar for this attack, so pay attention to the animations.
  • ~80% - the boss will spawn 5 untargetable adds.  This will be followed by the boss casting Extremely Bad Breath.
  • Extremely Bad Breath - while rotating in a circle, the boss will begin to "exhale" in a large wedge spanning the room.  This noxious purple cloud will inflict Paralysis and Poison debuffs on anyone it touches.  Circle the room to avoid this while also avoiding the untargetable adds, which will be exhaling much smaller clouds. 
  • Kill the Rose Hip adds ASAP.

  • To clear this area, the party will have to fight off adds while destroying the Honeycomb. 
  • Adds appear to spawn until the Honeycomb is destroyed and you will have to watch out for Final Sting, which is cast by the Hornet.

Queen Hawk:
  • Apitoxin - will face a random party member a spit a green puddle of poison.  Move before the cast finishes in order to dodge this.
  • Untargetable bees will spawn around the edge of the arena and face the center.  Do not stand in front of any of them, because they will cast Crossfire.
  • Crossfire - a long column AoE spanning the length of the arena.  Each bee will cast this in the direction that they are facing, so be careful not to get caught in their crossfire.  The first occurrence has a telegraph, but the remaining casts will not.
  • Assail - the boss will cast this before the bees cast Crossfire.  It doesn't appear to do anything except serve as a warning. 
  • Avail - the boss will spawn 4 Knight Hawk adds.  Each one will be tethered to the boss and must be killed ASAP.  If they aren't killed in time then they will buff the boss.
  • Ally - spawns the 2nd set of untargetable bees.  Again, these casts will NOT have warning telegraphs.  Pay close attention to your position.

  • Deracinator - a heavy hitting tank buster.  The boss will rear back, followed by slamming its pincers down on the tank.  There is no cast bar for this, so pay attention to the animations.
  • Atropine Spore - a room-wide AoE that inflicts a Magic Vulnerability Up debuff on anyone caught in it.  There is a circular safe zone around the boss, so stack on Belladonna to avoid this.
  • Soul Vacuum - a room-wide attack that is magic based and unavoidable.  This will deal quite a bit of damage to any player with the debuff, unless they are the tank.  
  • The boss will spawn untargetable bulb adds that cast a circular AoE around themselves.  A Magic Vulnerability Up debuff will be inflicted on anyone who steps into it.
  • Frond Fatale - will inflict Seduce on any player looking at the boss.  This will cause that player to walk towards one of the bulb adds and into their AoE.  To avoid this, look away before the cast completes.
  • Petal - will mark each party member and create a circular AoE around that player.  Don't stack with other party members and damage will be fairly insignificant.
  • ~25% - the boss will spawn 3 Lily of the Saint adds, which should be killed ASAP.  If not killed in time, each one that is alive will inflict Magic Vulnerability Up on the entire room.