Pharos Sirius

Symond the Unsinkable:
  • Corrupted Crystal – a debuff that explodes at three stacks and applies one stack of Vulnerability to the target.
  • Adds spawn in sets of two at every 10% of Symond’s health.  They cast a circle AoE on their target, which adds a stack of the Corrupted Crystal debuff.  Keep your DPS in check so that you don’t get overwhelmed by adds.
  • At 50% the boss will start using Giga Slash, a huge AoE knockback which deals minor damage.  Position yourself between the boss and the wall to keep from being knocked away.

  • Eggs around the edge of the room will activate in sets of two (they glow for a few seconds before spawning an add) based on Zu’s remaining HP.  You can kill an egg to prevent an add from spawning.
  • Boss gains stacks of Brood Rage when an egg is killed.  Will enrage if an egg is killed while stacks are still up.
  • Takes off and becomes untargetable based on a timer.  Will cast three fast-cast AoEs on its target  and then land.  Tank should stay away from DPS when the boss is in the air.

  • Mini-boss.  Burn and ignore the adds.

  • Spawns two different adds: crawlers and walkers.  Focus on killing crawlers first as they will incapacitate the tank/healer.
  • Will target a random player and give them a Siren’s Song debuff.  This has to be removed by healing them to full, or they will be charmed for a duration.
  • When the boss leaps up, she will land either in the center or on the sides.  When she lands she will apply Siren’s Song to anyone that is hit.  If she lands in the center then hug her to avoid the AoE.  If she lands on the sides then she will try to charge through the middle, so try to run to her left or right.
  • After the first leap, she will cast Lunatic Voice, which is a healing debuff applied to everyone.  Interrupt this with Silence if possible.
  • She will also add a bleed effect on the tank, which can be dispelled.