General Information:
  • The first area has tornadoes which should be avoided or else you'll get knocked into the air and receive damage.
  • Kill moths first as they have a big AoE attack.
  • The second area has bees/wasps in them; kill them fast and interrupt when they cast Final Sting to avoid tons of tank damage.
  • The third area has water pillars that erupt at random.  Avoid standing in them.  Adds will spawn at two locations twice.  Tanks be ready.

  • Dodge the Feather Squall AoE.
  • Due to a frontal cleave attack, the tank should face the boss away from the party.
  • At certain times the boss will disappear in the mist.  Players need to run around the edge to find Nunyenunc's shadow and kill it to exit this phase.
    The shadow has an area where players need to stand in to be able to see and attack it.
  • Destroy Nunyeninc's Feathers ASAP during the fight.  If they explode they'll inflict Vulnerability Up.
  • Sideslip - a room-wide AoE that needs to be healed through.  Unavoidable.

 Canu Vanu:
  • Morrowcloud - a Bleed DoT that will be applied to a random player; cleansable by healers.
  • Sacred Totem - will target and mark a random player.  After the cast is complete, marked players drop a totem on their position.
  • Immediately after Sacred Totem, the boss will cast Chant.  This will create a large purple zone and totems need to be dragged out of this area.
    Remaining totems in the area will come alive and make the boss invulnerable.  Kill the adds before focusing on boss.

  • Don't fall of the ledge, you'll die.
  • Fin Rays - is a frontal cleave; face the boss away from the party.
  • Divine Mist - will target and mark a random player; spawns a water elemental on their position.  Best killed while the boss is invulnerable during Divine Gale.
  • Divine Wind - Up to 3 tornadoes spawn that knock the player in the air, avoid if possible.
  • Divine Gale - 3 adds spawn and the boss gets a shield.  Kill the adds while dodging the boss.  Getting hit inflicts knock-back and can push you off the platform.  This phase starts when the boss stacks his buff 8 times.
  • Turbine - casts directly after killing the previous adds.  This will cause a party-wide AoE and knock-back.  Stand to the side of the boss where there's the most space on the platform as to avoid falling off.