The Lost City of Amdapor

General Information:
  • DPS should focus on the Mold Colony while the tank grabs the Hecteyes.

 Decaying Gourmand:
  • Avoid the AoEs.
  • Prey – the boss will target a random player, and if the player fails to pass prey will then suck them in, and eat them.  Attack the Voracious Maw to break the person out.  The prey is passed by coming into contact with any other player.

  • Scale Flakes – a debuff applied to whomever is standing in front of the Ranch Wamura when it dies.  This debuff stacks and determines who the boss will attack, so only the tank should have it.
  • Be sure to kill another Ranch Wamura before the Scale Flakes debuff runs out.  If you don’t then the boss will fly overhead and regenerate HP.  At around 15-20 seconds remaining on the debuff is a good time to do this.

  • There are eight doors divided into pairs.  Each party member should be responsible for a matching pair and they need to remember the locations of these two doors.  Assign an order for people to open their doors.  Typically only two pairs of doors are needed unless DPS is lacking.
  • When the boss goes to the center of the room and casts Ruinous Omen, a pair of matching doors needs to be opened by the time the cast is finished.  Open the first door at the beginning of the fight and then open the second one when the Ruinous Omen cast bar is around 50%.  This will suck the party into a void and prevent you from taking damage.
  • If you are targeted then run away from party members and stay away from doors.  You will drop an orb that is best to avoid.
  • Avoid using Stuns on Diabolos unless he is casting Nightmare.  Nightmare will put all party members to sleep for ~8 seconds; this can be interrupted.
  • Absolute Terror - an AoE centered on Diabolos that hits a large area.  It has a safe zone at Melee range and can still be dodged by casters & ranged DPS by staying at maximum range. This attack does fairly heavy damage but it can be stunned.