The Keeper of the Lake

General Information:

  • After the second boss, an AoE will target random party members. This AoE can also damage enemies, so it's advisable to stack up together on top of enemies to kill them faster.


  • All party members should stay away from the canisters that randomly drop. The small ones can be pushed away with any damaging action.
  • The boss will randomly target party members with a long linear AoE, and a moderately sized circular AoE; if either of these AoEs or his flamethrower damages a canister, the canister will explode after a short time, also possible causing nearby canisters explode.
  • Small canisters explode in a small AoE damaging nearby party members and priming nearby canisters.
  • Large canisters explode in a raidwide AoE, also causing all other canisters to prime and explode.

Makitek Gunship:

  • Occasionally, a random party member will be targeted. This party member should run off to the side, since the boss will drop flaming AoEs in a line towards that party member, which will remain for some time, decreasing the amount of space available to manoeuvre.
  • His front conal AoE will intermittently cause damage on that area until the flamethrower animation disappears. It is best if he is tanked facing the edge to minimise the area of effect.
  • Adds will spawn periodically; firstly, 4 enemy soldiers, and then a Magitek Vanguard. These should be quickly defeated.
  • The boss will sometimes rush towards a random player, causing a lot of damage.


  • The boss will become invulnerable after he reaches around 95% HP, and will awaken the dragon in the right.
  • A lot of AoEs will spawn, which can be easily dodged. The dragon adds also cleave, so they should be tanked facing away from the party.
  • This first dragon should be tanked away from Midgardsormr, or it will receive Vulnerability Down and may take a long time to defeat.
  • A small add will spawn (similar to the first boss, Einhander). Defeat it to spawn an interactive button, which when pressed, will spawn an invincibility shield. Stand inside this small bubble to become invincible for the duration it remains. The tank should stay away until the bubble has spawned, since the dragon's cleave may interrupt the player interacting with the button.
  • The bubble should not be spawned until Midgardsormr begins casting the raidwide AoE. The entire floor will go blue at this point.
  • After the first dragon is defeated, there will be a small window to attack Midgardsormr (around 5% hp). He will then awaken the last dragon and become invulnerable again.
  • The last dragon should be tanked close to Midgardsormr, or it will receive Vulnerability Down and may take a long time to defeat. The LB2 can be used on this dragon to maximise damage potential.
  • Once you have killed both dragons, you can continue attacking Midgardsormr. He has given most of his energy to both of the smaller dragons at this time however, so can be quickly defeated.