Hullbreaker Isle

General Information:
  • Watch out for patrolling mobs.
  • Always kill the Bee/Hornet adds first.  Just like in the Sunken Temple of Qarn, they will perform Final Sting if not killed in time.

  • When the boss begins to throw a tantrum, right click one of the banana trees to feed him a banana.
  • Kill the adds ASAP because they will eat the bananas.
  • Each banana gives the boss a stacking Damage Increased buff, so try to kill the boss before he gets too strong.
  • Will randomly target a player for a circle AoE that should be avoided.

  • Avoid the AoEs and frontal-column attack.
  • Bubbles around the room will suck you in if you touch them and then do some damage when they pop.
  • When the boss burrows then players should should do one of two things.  If you see the boss traveling in a straight line towards you then step out of the way to avoid the attack.  If you see the beginnings of a whirlpool forming in the middle then everyone should enter a bubble to avoid taking damage from Whirlpool.
  • Don’t enter the bubbles too soon or they will pop before Whirlpool is finished.

  • Move from platform to platform and kill the Tentacles.  You will kill two of them and then move on to the next platform.  Stay with the group.  Stack in the melee range to avoid a few attacks.
  • Each time you change platforms you will get a debuff called Suppuration, which decreases maximum HP and increases damage taken.  This debuff lasts 15 seconds so don’t change platforms more than is necessary.
  • If you have a green mark over your head then move to a different platform, preferably a previously cleared one.  After a few seconds a tornado will spawn where that player was standing and deal AoE damage to the entire platform they are standing on.
  • Kill the eight arm tentacles before focusing on the two others.