Haukke Manor (Hard)

General Information:
  • Kill the Manor Claviger first to prevent another add from spawning.
  • Kill patrolling Manor Wardens first.  The tank should face these away from the party to avoid a frontal attack.
  • Magic lamps in hallways do minor AoE damage.  Killing the mobs in these hallways will turn the lamps off.

 Manor Jester:
  • Kill adds ASAP.  Adds will resurrect other adds if not killed in time.
  • If enough adds are resurrected then a giant add will spawn.  Kill this add first as it does a lot of damage.
  • Avoid AoEs and the purple zone.

  • Large frontal cleave.
  • Lots of ground telegraphs that need to be avoided.
  • Randomly targets a player with a spinning axe.  Avoid running into these as they inflict the Heavy and Paralyze debuffs.
  • The tank should grab the minions that spawn.

  • Everyone should avoid the Dark Mist AoE.  It will inflict Fear and it cannot be dispelled.
  • Avoid ground target AoEs.
  • Kill adds ASAP.  Blood Rain is a room-wide AoE and damage is proportional to the adds health when absorbed by the boss.
  • The last add is Lady Amandine and she should be killed ASAP.  DPS should use their LB on her.
  • Beguiling Mist – a room-wide AoE that charms you and is cast by the boss after Lady Amandine is dead.  Party members should run away in different directions as the boss casts this because a targeted AoE will follow.