Haukke Manor

General Information:
  • Watch out for patrolling Manor Maidservants.  Interrupt their AoE or you will be stunned for a long time.

Manor Claviger:
  • ONLY the tank should be in front of the boss due to a frontal cleave attack.
  • Move out of the AoE red circles as soon as possible.

Manor Jester and Manor Steward:
  • Kill the Jester first.
  • Move out of the Steward’s AoE red circles.  Can be stunned.

Lady Amandine:
  • The lamps in the corners of the room must be extinguished.  The tank should pull the boss into a corner so everyone only has to grab one lamp each.
  • Kill the bombs ASAP.
  • The tank can avoid Void Fire and Void Thunder completely by getting behind the boss.  She won't complete the cast due to line of sight.
  • Manor Sentry: Casts Stoneskin on Lady Amandine, giving her a shield for a large portion of her health.  Can be interrupted via Stun/knockback.
  • Dark Mist - a large AoE that inflicts terror for 10s.  Avoid or interrupt this move.  This is cast by Lady Amandine and Lady's Handmaiden.