Halatali (Hard)

General Information:
  • Ceiling traps will damage players and mobs as well as inflict a Vulnerability Up debuff.  Players should avoid these, but they can be used on mobs for a faster run.

  • 1000 Tonze Swing – the room will glow purple when this attack begins.  Hit the lever attached to the Mechanical Mammet in order to activate a Manawall buff, which will negate the damage from the attack.

  • Assign one of the four pedestals in the room to each party member.
  • Demonic Eye – each party member should activate the lever at their assigned pedestal when the boss begins casting this.  This will give the buff Gloam, which will prevent you from taking damage from Demonic Eye.
  • Kill the eye when the boss allows you to target it.  If it turns red then the boss will start stacking Damage Taken debuffs on the party.

 Mumuepo the Beholden:
  • Kill the four adds in the following order: Healer -> Lancer -> Archer -> Gladiator.  The Lancer will ignore aggro.
  • A red demon and a Lalafell named Mumoepoe the Beholden will spawn.  DPS should focus on the Lalafell while the tank grabs the demon.
  • Thal’s Scepter – when this spawns, activate it to free the players chained by Mumoepoe.
  • Melee DPS should avoid the demon’s rear tail swipe.