The Great Gubal Library

General Information:
  • Page 64 adds will tether to a random party member and attack them constantly with a linear AoE.  The tethered party member should take care to avoid hitting other party members.

 Demon Tome:
  • Dodge linear shadow AoEs alongside the regular AoE (Dark Blizzard 3) or you'll receive Heavy/Slow.
  • When the book closes (Disclosure), move to the opposite side to dodge a fatal mechanic.
  • Beware slippery floor when ice appears (Words of Winter).

  • The boss will become invulnerable; defeat one of the adds, and drag the tether to the boss to break his vulnerability.  Avoid the gas clouds (which destroy the tether).
  • He will randomly target party members with an AoE (Head Down) where he will charge towards them.  Move towards the boss before the hit to minimise DPS loss.
  • Standing behind him causes him to use Tail Swipe, a rear conal AoE.

 The Everliving Bibliotaph:
  • Targeted party members should drop an orb in between the platforms, and as close to the wall as possible to leave plenty of free space.
  • If you are damaged by one of the dropped orbs when it pulses, you will also receive a Vulnerability Up stack.
  • When the platforms glow (Void Summon), the equivelant amount of party members as there are small glowing circles must stand on that platform, or an add will spawn
  • Following Void Summon, the boss will then perform an outer AoE (Deep Darkness) which will inflict damage and Heavy.  Following this will be an inner AoE (Magic Burst) which will also knock back.