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The Fractal Continuum

General Information:

  • Ixalions will use Furore which can be stunned, and Flawless Niaga use Baleful Roar which can be stunned or silenced. Both of these are large, hard hitting AoEs which can cause a wipe.
  • Flawless Chimera will use Ram's Voice (also adds Icebitten debuff) and Dragon's Voice (also adds Paralysis debuff) which mimic previous versions of the Chimera. They can be stunned or dodged; dodge Ram's Voice by staying out of melee range, and dodge Dragon's Voice by staying within melee range.
  • In the platform areas immediately before the last boss (where you must deactivate the shields), two small AoEs will appear once under players and spawn a small add. If they aren't dodged, they will bind that player until the add is defeated.

Phantom Ray:

  • Avoid Double Sever, where he will face a random party member, then perform two sets of two conal AoEs back-to-back. The first set will be frontal and rear, and the second set will be to his flanks. Anyone damaged by this will also receive the Bleed debuff.
  • Around 50% into the fight, he will start to drop smaller random AoEs around while he is performing Double Sever.
  • Periodically gives himself Damage Up stacks.


  • Uses the same tonze-type moves as previously seen "cyclops" type enemies; 111-tonze Swipe (a heavy hitting front conal AoE), 111-tonze Swing (a heavy hitting 360 AoE plus knockback), plus a new addition, 10-tonze Slash, which is a long-range front-conal AoE. These will not indicate visible ground AoEs, so watch the enemy cast bar and dodge accordingly.
  • Periodically uses Disorienting Groan, which will knock all players back and is then followed by him charging on players in a small conal AoE. Spread out for the former cast to avoid multiple hits. He will also usually immediately follow this up with 10-tonze Slash.
  • When he begins to cast 1111-tonze Swing, a party member must interact with one of the Bio-Incubators on the edge (usually a healer). This will interrupt his cast and spawn a small add, with which he will stun it, tether to it and begin to cast Feast; the add must be defeated before the end of this cast or he will gain a unique buff or heal dependant on which add.

The Curator:

  • He will periodically place the Aetherochemical Bomb effect on a random party member. This explodes roughly every 6 seconds, however can be cleansed by the healer.
  • Spawns 2-4 Alarum adds which will form a row on any side. They will slowly attempt to creep to the other side of the arena, lighting up tiles as they pause. They should be defeated quickly.
  • He will then use The Educator, which will cause the lit tiles to explode, damaging anyone standing on them.
  • Periodically places glowing red Mines on tiles, which when stepped on, cause damage, knockback and paralysis.