The Dusk Vigil

Towering Oliphaunt:
  • Watch out for an AoE attack around the boss.
  • The boss will occasionally target a player and stun them and those around them.  If you are targeted then move away from your party members.  Party members should be ready to stand in front of this stunned player for the follow-up attack, which is a line AoE that shares damage between everyone caught in it.

 Ser Yuhelmeric:
  • Death Spiral – An AoE that will hit everything not within melee range of the boss.  Run close to the boss for this.
  • When adds are spawned, move the boss away from the adds because they cast an AoE buff around themselves.  The Knights give a damage buff and the Chirurgeons give a haste buff.

  • Whirling Gaol – Line of sight the tornado in the middle of the room by hiding behind one of the crumbled piles of stone around the room.
  • Winds of Winter – Line of sight the boss while hiding behind one of the crumbled piles of stone.
  • The boss will periodically face a random player and jump on them, so don’t stand near the piles of stone when not necessary or they will be destroyed.