Cutter's Cry

General Information:
  • Avoid erupting sand and blue goo throughout dungeon.

Myrmidon Princess:
  • Face away from party.
  • Calls a lot of adds after 50%.
  • Kill Myrmidon Marshal ASAP.
  • When adds spawn, the easiest way to deal with them is to have the healer run around the perimeter with enmity (use sprint!).  They can be kited while keeping the tank healed.  DPS should burn the boss ASAP.

Giant Tunnel Worm:
  • When it burrows: run to the outer wall.
  • When pulled to the middle: run out ASAP.
  • Will target a random player for a DoT debuff.  This should be dispelled if the healer is able to.

  • Eyes turn BLUE: run away from the boss.
  • Eyes turn VIOLET: stack on the boss.
  • Eyes FOCUS on target: run away from ball (don’t run too close to party members or too far from boss).
  • DPS watch out for side conic attacks.