Copperbell Mines

General Information:
  • A Hecatoncheir Stonehauler will break through a nearby wall and attack at two points, so let the tank lead (as always).

Kottos the Gigas:
  • Kottos will spawn after several waves of Spriggans.
  • Kottos's defensive buff Immortalize can be stunned while cast.  This will make killing him faster.

Ichorous Ire:
  • Activate Improved Blasting Device to spawn a Bomb and let it explode on the boss (3x).
  • Kill Spriggans immmediately.
  • Do NOT attack the Bomb.

Gyges the Great:
  • If the party is undergeared (new), then quickly kill the Gigas adds through the fight.  Otherwise, ignore them and burn the boss down.