Brayflox's Longstop (Hard)

General Information:
  • Watch out for patrolling mobs.
  • Kill the Illuminati Footman first or it will keep spawning more adds.

 Illuminati Commander:
  • Avoid the room-wide line-AoEs.  Move out of these areas ASAP.
  • Illuminati Sniper adds will focus on a random player and shoot a red line towards them.  If you cross the line then you will pull the aggro.  Kill these ASAP.
  • The boss will randomly throw bombs that should be avoided.

 Magitek vangob G-III:
  • Has a frontal line-AoE that needs to be avoided.
  • Will spit blue pools onto the ground that will explode when the boss uses Oversurge.  Avoid these pools.
  • Kill the adds ASAP because the boss will use an attack where the damage is increased based on the health of these adds.

 Gobmachine G-VI:
  • Kill the adds ASAP.
  • When the bombs spawn they can be knocked away with any damage-dealing attack.  Knock as many as you can to the outside of the arena.  You don’t want any bombs near you when they start to explode.
  • Hidden Run – the boss will target a random player and quickly run them over.  There is no telegraph so pay attention to this.  The boss will start using this attack at around 10% health.
  • Kill the Giant Bomb before it explodes.