Brayflox's Longstop

General Information:
  • Goblins will appear after the first boss and they will spawn enemies.  Save a Goblin to receive an extra chest.  There are three Goblins in total.

Great Yellow Pelican:
  • Kill the adds quickly before they overwhelm the party.

Inferno Drake:
  • Around halfway through the boss will spawn an add.  Put the boss to sleep while you focus on the add first.
  • Avoid the AoE cone attacks when Brayflox runs to you by stunning the boss.  This attack is unavoidable by moving.

  • Quickly attack bubbles.
  • After defeating the boss, a dragon will land.  Face it away from the party.
  • The big AoE can be stunned.

Deep Jungle Coeurl:
  • Avoid the AoE red circles.

  • Dispel poisons.
  • Move out of the acid.
  • Keep the boss out of the acid.