The Aurum Vale

General Information:
  • Don’t stand in the yellow pools.

  • Eat the fruit at 2 stacks of the debuff.

  • Tank should run behind the boss for 100-Tonze Swipe.  Everyone else run away for 100-Tonze Swing.  This can be stunned as long as no one is wasting stuns and he doesn't build immunity.
  • When he faces you for Glower, move to the side.
  • When he takes time to reconsider, melee need to be in melee range.  Ranged players can run away and avoid this attack.  Aggro tables are Also reset when the boss reconsiders.
  • No ground markings.

 Miser’s Mistress:
  • Eat fruit at 3 stacks of the debuff.
  • Kill 5 Morbol Fruit at 50% and 25% ASAP.
  • Tank should move out of Bad Breath.  If anyone gets hit with Bad Breath then eat a fruit to remove the debuffs.