Amdapor Keep (Hard)

  • If you get a symbol over your head, run behind a statue that has full health.
  • If you get an wide, straight AoE marker that moves with you, move as close to the boss as possible.

  • When the boss vanishes: Kill all of the adds, but kill Luminescence last.  The party will receive an Irradiance buff.  Run to the partially invisible boss before the buff ends.
  • If you can’t get out of the huge AoE that the boss gives towards the end of the fight, turn your back to them and you will dodge the AoE.

  • Tank should pull the boss to the edge.  The boss will move to the center when ready to perform a circular AoE.
  • Will summon adds while casting his circular AoE.  AoE gets larger the longer the adds survive, so kill them quickly.
  • Jester's Reap - summons a slime on his target, trapping them in place.  Break out trapped players ASAP.
  • Black Wind - targets a player at random for single target damage.  Shortly after a spinning scythe will appear at their location, dealing continuous AoE damage.  Players should move immediately after taking damage from Black Wind, as Ferdiad may target them for Jester's Reap.  Black Wind will easily kill them before they can be freed.