Amdapor Keep

  • Pull the boss to the sides and kill the small golem adds before they reach the boss.
  • The big central golem cannot be tanked nor killed.  It will patrol the room back and forth and cast a large AoE at each edge of the room as well as in the center.  This is avoided by running to the extreme edges or hiding behind the pillars.
  • If DPS is not high enough to kill the golems before they reach the boss, then pull the boss to the right side of the room to avoid this mechanic altogether.

 Demon Wall:
  • No tank is needed.  Tanks should go into DPS stance.
  • Boss will randomly target players with a small AoE nuke.  Stay spread out to minimize damage.
  • He will nuke locations in the following order: middle -> sides -> middle -> sides.  Afterwards he will use Repel; an unavoidable AoE knockback.  Stand in the middle of the bridge or you will most likely be knocked off.

  • Imminent Catastrophe: a large AoE emanating from the center of the room.  Avoided by hiding behind pillars.  One of the four statues in the room will turn into an add after this attack.
  • The tank should place the boss behind the statue in the far right corner as it is the last to turn into an add of the four.
  • Plague Dance: the boss will target a non-tank player with a purple line connecting this player to the boss.  After a few seconds it will drop a pulsing AoE damage orb at that player’s location.  Run away and drop this orb along a wall.  Keep it away from party members and statues that you are hiding behind.