The Aetherochemical Research Facility

Regula van Hydrus:
  • Will periodically stun a random player, followed by a heavy hitting AoE.
  • Will spawn turrets that will target a random player. These line AoEs are unavoidable, but the damage can be shared. If you are targeted then stay where you are so that the tank can help absorb the damage. Remaining players should destroy the turrets ASAP.

  • Will switch between three different modes, each with different mechanics.
  • Anti-Cobra Mode -  High tank damage.
  • Anti-Naga Mode - Will use Petrification, petrifying anyone that is facing the boss. Look away for this.
  • Anti-Machina Mode - Will target a random player with Ballistic Missile, dealing VERY high damage. If you see someone targeted with this, then stand in the small circle with them until the cast is complete. This will negate the damage from the attack.

Igeyorhm and Lahabrea:
  • Only one boss will remain active at a time. The inactive boss will continually cast a long line-AoE.
  • A lot of AoE dodging, so pay attention!
  • When Lahabrea is active, he will sometimes freeze the room. The floor will become slippery, as seen in previous instances. Igeyorhm will cast AoEs around the room as well, so don't move around unless you have to.

  • Will periodically go immune and summon Ice and Fire orbs. Destroy the Ice one first because it will freeze the group if it is not destroyed in time. The Fire orb will damage the group and inflict a DoT.
  • Will randomly mark two players with donut AoEs. These two players should stack on each other, as this will create a safe area for the group to stand.
  • Annihilation - A large attack which occurs after the orbs reach the boss.  More orbs = more damage at the end of this cast.
  • Universal Manipulation - The boss will summon Void Portals around the room and begin this cast. Each player must jump in a portal before the cast completes. If you are not in the portal in time then expect a lot of nasty debuffs.
  • Towards the end, the boss will summon tethered orbs. These don't do very much damage, so just run into them and take the damage. The damage stacks, however, so don't detonate them close to your other party members.