The Aery

  • Electric Cachexis – run within melee range of the boss when they cast this.
  • Prey – a debuff that will tether you.  Run to one of the outside pillars to remove it.
  • Kill adds as they spawn.

  • The boss gains a stacking damage buff for each poison cloud.
  • When the bomb adds spawn, allow them to eat 1-2 clouds before killing them.  They must be killed before eating 4 clouds though.
  • Bomb adds must be killed before initiating their Self Destruct cast or they will wipe the party.

  • Watch out for fiery orbs and the line AoEs they put out.
  • The healer should keep Estinien healed as necessary.  Don’t let him die!
  • The Crimson Price – the boss will face a direction and a line AoE will follow shortly after.  Step aside if he faces you and you will easily avoid this.
  • The Sable Price – will trap a random player and cause them to float.  If you don’t break them out in time then they will die.
  • At around 30% the boss will disappear and trigger a bunch of adds.  They all need to be killed by the time the boss returns or the party will wipe.  Everyone should stack on Estinien after the adds have been dealt with.